The People’s Module

Public seating prototype

Research photography and CAD renderings by Oscar Valdez
Assembly with Yanting Mo

Design Innovation for Sustainable Cities at UC Berkeley 


Proposed customization interface

Site rendering

Technical elevation

1 – Environmental analysis

Lack of seating leaves pedestrians and commuters without a comfortable place to wait, sit, eat, or break.

2 – Pre-process

We constructed sketch models before choosing one design to continue developing. The models explored different aesthetics and modular solutions.

3 – Design

Preliminary sketch of scaled heights

Anthropometric seating angles and lengths

Sharp angles could be uncomfortable, where very round angles could be unstable, so the third shape is an appealing compromise.

Views within Rhino of the modular slices

4 – Fabrication

We created a half-scale model of the bench in Rhino and CNC routed the slices to create the final prototype. The primary slices were cut on 1/4" MDF with spacer pieces cut from 1/2" MDF.

Preparing the slices for assembly: chiseling, routing, and sanding

5 – Result

‘Front’ and ‘back’ sides of the bench

The team! Hoping one day we can sit on a full-scale prototype.